Who we are

About TLC

The Learners Confluence is a ‘place where pieces of knowledge merge and flow together’, where ‘educators collaborate with the sole purpose of improving and sharing their personal and professional learnings’.

The genesis of the idea of TLC is the time when we felt the need to talk-to and listen-from the like-minded members of learning community and tried using the means and tools that were available there. We realised that there is no single comprehensive platform for educators to collaborate. TLC is an attempt to bridge that gap and caters to the needs of the various stake-holders in the education community to network professionally as well as personally.

Besides a networking platform the TLC does a lot of work towards the cause of learning and we invite you all to join this confluence – the sangam of learners

The vision of TLC is to be – ‘largest professional and personal networking platform for educators’

    Our mission encompasses the following:

  • Bring educators from across the world together
  • Design and provide customized learning solutions for educators
  • Communicate, debate, discuss and help implement current and emerging trends in the education sector
  • Strategies for successful implementation of world class education practices in the local environments
  • Benchmark collaborative practices for mutual learning and sharing
  • Recognition and reward educators and Institutional best practices


With over 3 decades of experience in the educational field, Dr. Senthil has started ground breaking work in the form of the Learners Confluence, an educational service in India. The Learners Confluence is an educational program focused on developing a technology platform for Teachers with the goals of enhancing peer learning as well as knowledge sharing.

Dr. Senthil was the Principal Counsellor & Head Education Excellence Initiatives of CII Institute of Quality (CII IQ) until July 31st 2016. He joined CII IQ in April 2002 and till recently has been helping educational institutions to accelerate their journey in excellence in India and abroad. Dr. Senthil worked as a faculty member of the Strategic Core Group in Christ College (now Christ University), Bangalore for 10 years before embarking on the journey with CII IQ.

In his previous role, he was responsible for many novel educational initiatives viz. CII’s Schools Excellence Clusters (over 18), Education Excellence Programme, International Learning Missions to Singapore and Finland. Dr. Senthil cultivated Best Practices Forums, a program dedicated to mutually learn from each other viz National and Regional Summits on Quality in education, as well as School Excellence Conclaves (over 50). Most of the these have been across in government, government aided and private management schools across the Nation.

His capacity building training programme for senior leadership team and Management Committee members for educational institutions has been widely recognized within India and abroad. Some of the Institutions/ Trust/Organization/Boards have taken advantage include Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, Bhavan’s, TATA Steel, BVM Global Schools, KLE Society, NTPC Ltd, Council

Dr A Senthil Kumaran

Chief Confluencer, the Learners Confluence

For the Indian School Certificate Examinations, Central Board for Secondary Education, Calorx Foundation and Ministry of Education, Sultanate of Oman also had sent a delegation to get trained on these modules in India.

With goals of promoting the concept of Excellence in Education in every state within India and other countries Dr Senthil has travelled and presented in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, China, Finland, Japan, United states of America and Singapore.

Over 100 institutions/organizations have been assessed on various excellence frameworks i.e. EFQM, MBNQA, DSIB-KHDA, QCI-NABET, QMS, NBA, NAAC & CII Education Excellence Framework to help them to accelerate their excellence journey which includes TAFE, NTPC, BHEL, BEL, Canon, PSGIM, KIAMS, Government Schools, JSL Schools, Dr JJ Irani Award for School Excellence, to name a few.

He is also the Advisor for the Central Chinmaya Mission Trust Education Cell which manages all the Chinmaya Educational Institutions within India and Outside.

Dr. Senthil has shown himself to be a passionate teacher, a catalyst for change, persistent, and a leader with expressiveness for excellence in all fronts of his work in the education sector.

Neha Pradhan Arora is a creative and passionate educator. Over the last fifteen years, she has worked in the development and education sector with a focus on creating connected, empowered and inclusive learning communities. Her expertise lies in the conceptualization and creation of engaging and impactful learning experiences and interventions for children, adolescents, youth, teachers, parents and staff, to build perspective and initiate action within and for learning communities.
She began her journey as a teacher in the only inclusive high school in Kolkata. (http://www.aksharschool.org/index.html). She worked with students across primary and middle school, teaching different subjects and themes. Her ability to innovate and infuse her classes with fun, while being compassionate made her a dynamic, versatile and inclusive educator. No matter what subject she taught, the core of her teaching inculcated values and life skills in her students. As she went on to other schools in Amritsar and Delhi, she conceptualized new programmes to enhance learning for specific groups of children. She developed curriculum while creating resources like worksheets, reading cards, flash cards and games. Her focus was always the needs of the children, the building of confidence, skill and values.
As Head of Programmes – Children and Active Citizenship at Swechha, (www.swechha.in) a youth-based, youth-focused organization in Delhi, she focused on building perspective, life skills and citizenship with children, youth and women in schools, colleges and disadvantaged communities. She created and conducted modules on citizenship and sustainable development using tools of experiential learning. Her manual for a life skills programme for young adults in a local disadvantaged community continues to be the backbone of the programme which has transformed more than 100 young boys and girls.

Ms.Neha Pradhan Arora

Chief Confluencer, the Learners Confluence

As Social Integration and Inclusion Facilitator at Shiv Nadar School, Noida, (https://shivnadarschool.edu.in/website/noida/overview/) her role encompassed designing and developing programmes and interventions to build an inclusive school community by working with students, teachers, staff and parents. Her intuitive identification of needs and the use of innovative tools and experiences, to empower individuals and the community have helped strengthen the learning community in many ways. From creating a life-skills and SED programme for grade 1 – 5 to designing outbound and other learning experiences for students, teachers and parents, her role was closely linked to every member of the school community.
In the last few years, she has also trained both trainees and trainers at different branches of the ITI, New Delhi, as a resource person for Etasha. These trainings focus on entrepreneurship for empowerment. She also recently conceptualized and created the training manual for their first women's community project. The manual is now being used successfully by young trainers to work with batches of aspiring women entrepreneurs, and the programme was recently awarded because of its complementing work towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by Cause Because.
In the last six months, she has donned the hat of researcher and historian to explore Bangalore's role in the First World War and create interactive tools and resources for a learning engagement with school students. She simplified and decoded complex facts and created games, activities, tools and experiences to provoke thought and build perspective on war and peace, in today's world.
She often contributes to the Teacher Plus (www.teacherplus.org) to influence and interact with a larger community of educators across the country. Her articles focus on innovative teaching methods and learning experiences with practical tools and resources. She has also shared these at workshops for teachers in different schools across the country.
Whether for a class of children or an entire school of teachers, whether for young adults or women in a community, her ability to create meaningful and enriching experiences that transform, make her the creative and passionate educator she is.