What we do

TLCApp : Our professional network for education community
TLCApp is a mobile application created specifically for the educators to network and learn fromeach other. Need for a networking platform for educators was felt when we needed to talk-to andlisten-from the like-minded members of learning community and tried using the means and tools that were available there. We realised that there is no single comprehensive platform for educators to collaborate. TLCApp is an attempt to bridge that gap and cater to the needs of the various stake-holders in the education community to network professionally as well as personally.

TLCApp does a lot of work towards the cause of learning and we invite you all to join this confluence – the sangam of learners

Short term programs for Capacity and Capability building of teams and institutional processes
We design and deliver training and capability building programs that benefit multiple stake-holders in an education institution viz., Non-teaching staff members, Teachers, Middle Managers, Institution Leaders, Owners and members of Management Committee etc. The programs are completely modular in nature and can be customised to institution specific formats as required. Some of the topics covered by these training programs encompass areas like

  • Managing teams and people for growth as a leader
  • Improving effectiveness of teachers in classrooms
  • Accreditation of institutions
  • Quality tools and Benchmarking for institutions
  • Improving educational processes
    Some of our modules that schools across the country have subscribed to are:

  • Quality Tools for School improvement (2 Days)
  • Stop Teaching and Start Reaching (2 Days)
  • Teaching – Learning Strategies for a Learner Centric Classroom (2 Days)
  • Establishing Process based System to for achieving School Excellence (2 Days)
  • Establishing Performance Management System for School Excellence (3 Days)
  • Achieving School Excellence through Institutional Accreditation Route (3 Days)
  • Safe and Smart Schools (3 days)
  • Institutional planning for excellence (3 days)
  • Nurturing Middle Management Leadership Teams for School Excellence (4 Days)
  • Enhancing Educational Processes effectiveness for School Excellence (4 Days)
  • Creating Learning Schools (4 Days)
  • Staff Empowerment Program for achieving School Excellence (4 Days)
  • Nurturing School Leadership Program (6 days)
  • Besides these programs more than a 100 schools across the country have requested for customised training and capacity building programs.
Gap Assessment and Feasibility studies
It is said that we should periodically stop, review and initiate improvement projects for institutional excellence. Our Team has exposure and experience in assessing Institutions on various frameworks of assessments for Certification, Accreditation, self-improvement or for governance. These are done on 3 formats

  • Facilitated Self-assessment,
  • Dip Stick Assessment and
  • External Assessment by our Team for measuring institutional effectiveness. Our Team has assessed over 100 Institutions across the country and outside and helped them evolve roadmap for effective implementation.
    The frameworks includes

  • Quality Council of India : NABET School Governance
  • European Foundation for Quality Management
  • Malcom Baldridge National Quality Award
  • National Assessment & Accreditation Council
  • AICTE-National Board for Accreditation
  • KHDA : Dubai School Inspection Board
  • CBSE : School Quality Assessment and Accreditation
  • Singapore School Excellence Model
  • ISO : Quality Management System
  • Tata Education Excellence Programme

We also have created our own frameworks for measuring institutional assessment benchmarked to international standards of assessment

Long term consulting projects for people, processes and quality improvement
These programs are typically spread across 2 to 3 years. During the entire program we handhold institutions to bring about a sustained improvement in the areas identified. The process requiresa detailed gap assessment study and build a mutually agreed upon roadmap with defined outcomes. Our facilitators guide, facilitate, evaluate and provide feedback at regular intervals on the improvements undertaken by the institutions.

    Few of the areas are

  • Accreditation process
  • Certification process
  • Process driven institutions
  • Performance management system
  • School Specific Teacher Standards & many more
International Learning Missions & Collaborations
As said by Saint Augustine “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”.For Educators, it is necessary to see the world, and broaden their socio, cultural, intellectual,and spiritual aspects of various countries and how it has impacted its education system.Right awareness on pedagogical, governance, conceptual, domain specific practices helps in contextualisation/adaption to their own environment in turn enhance stakeholder satisfaction towards global citizenship.

International Immersions are visits are designed keeping in mind how these can be contextualisedto our environment rather than Educational tourism. To ensure that we have initiated a forum Global Learner Educators Network (GLEN). This ensure that participants of our programmes aremeeting quarterly and share their own understanding and implementation experiences. This is purely voluntary in nature and encourages to schools to showcase their practices in their own community.

We have already facilitated over 100 educators across the country for their visit to Singapore and Finland. The countries which are in proposed in near future include Korea, China, Estonia & others. Within India too lot of good practices learning mission too are proposed.

Technology enabled solutions for Educations
Educational institutional have invested on multiple approaches on technology integration in various processes from teaching learning to governance. The results have not been positive in most of the cases and struggle continues to assess and bridge the need vs expectations. To understand the effective technology implementation and maturity we work with institutions help bridge the gaps in learning outcomes, hardware and software usage maturity etc.

TLC is an attempt to bridge that gap and caters to the needs of the various stake-holders to network professionally as well as personally.