Short term programs

Short term programs for Capacity and Capability building of teams and institutional processes
We design and deliver training and capability building programs that benefit multiple stake-holders in an education institution viz., Non-teaching staff members, Teachers, Middle Managers, Institution Leaders, Owners and members of Management Committee etc. The programs are completely modular in nature and can be customised to institution specific formats as required. Some of the topics covered by these training programs encompass areas like

  • Managing teams and people for growth as a leader
  • Improving effectiveness of teachers in classrooms
  • Accreditation of institutions
  • Quality tools and Benchmarking for institutions
  • Improving educational processes

Some of our modules that schools across the country have subscribed to are:

  • Quality Tools for School improvement (2 Days)
  • Stop Teaching and Start Reaching (2 Days)
  • Teaching – Learning Strategies for a Learner Centric Classroom (2 Days)
  • Establishing Process based System to for achieving School Excellence (2 Days)
  • Establishing Performance Management System for School Excellence (3 Days)
  • Achieving School Excellence through Institutional Accreditation Route (3 Days)
  • Safe and Smart Schools (3 days)
  • Institutional planning for excellence (3 days)
  • Nurturing Middle Management Leadership Teams for School Excellence (4 Days)
  • Enhancing Educational Processes effectiveness for School Excellence (4 Days)
  • Creating Learning Schools (4 Days)
  • Staff Empowerment Program for achieving School Excellence (4 Days)
  • Nurturing School Leadership Program (6 days)
  • Besides these programs more than a 100 schools across the country have requested for customised training and capacity building programs.